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Check out our new article Why Jesus Only? to understand why Jesus is the only one that can provide human beings with salvation.


Also, remember that the English version of the book "Jesus Christ the Savior of the World" is available in PDF format. You can view each chapter individually or download the whole book to read offline. In addition to the Japanese translation, the book has also been translated into Korean. Remember that this book is made available in public domain, so feel free to download it and distribute to whomever you would like.

Prayer Requests

Keep us in your prayers so that we can provide good content to comfort and encourage the people of God. Also, let all us continue to pray that the church will grow in its knowledge of Jesus and love for one another.


Bible Understanding

  • This site is an excellent resource to help you understand the Bible more. Deepen your knowledge of what God is doing in the world today. Learn about dispensational truth and come to appreciate even more the wonderful things we have in Jesus.

Blue Letter Bible

  • This site probably provides the best online access to the Bible. It is a great place to reference the Bible while studying online.

The Word (Bible Software)

  • Without a doubt, this is fastest and best Bible software that I have ever used. Best of all, it is absolute free.


Download the complete book in English, Japanese, or Korean! Please click on the images below: